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Tuesday January 30, 2007 Edition
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Retrograde Cycles in 2007

Tuesday January 30, 2007

By Kathleen Johnson

    Every planet with the exception of the sun and the moon, technically known as heavenly bodies, has a retrograde cycle at least every couple of years. The most important thing to know about retrograde cycles is the fact that they allow you to look at a given situation from a different point of view. After all, when a planet appears to turn backward, it retraces its most recent path through the zodiac, allowing a second look at the issues that may have arisen. Then, when it turns direct again, the same situations come up again, but this time we have a more educated perception.

    The planet that goes backward most often, usually three times in the course of a year is Mercury, governing communications of all kinds, including those that move through the various forms of media. During its backward cycles, messages get misplaced and misunderstandings often flourish. The major planets have a lengthy retrograde cycle that lasts several months a year and allows plenty of time to explore all the possibilities related to what may be transpiring in that area of your life.

    This year, Mercury begins its first retrograde cycle in Pisces on February 14th, ending on the 8th of March in Aquarius. The second one begins on June 15th and ends on July 9th, remaining in Cancer for the duration.  The last backward dance begins in Scorpio on October 11th, sliding into Libra on the 22nd, and turning around on November 1st.

    Venus enters its annual retrograde cycle on July 27th and returns to direct motion on September 8th, backing from Virgo into Leo in the process. Mars moved into Cancer on September 28th, making its turnaround on November 15th and is retrograde through the end of the year.

    Jupiter opens its backward cycle on April 5th and holds that pattern until the 6th of August, 6th. It remains in its own sign of Sagittarius for the duration.

    Saturn was backward in Leo as the year began just as it was last year and remains that way until April 19th.

    Uranus stays in retrograde from June 23rd to November 24th, continuing its lengthy journey through Pisces. Neptune heads into backward mode on May 24th and resumes forward motion on Halloween and will stay in the sign of Aquarius.
Pluto's annual backward cycle begins on March 31st and runs through September 7th, as it approaches the final stages of its long trek through Sagittarius.

    Knowing when the retrograde cycles occur gives us the opportunity to make use of them rather than feeling as if they are tossing us around. Keep in mind that it's rarely a good idea to begin a new project while Mercury is retrograde, for there is usually something really important that gets overlooked. When Jupiter turns backward, it's easy to overlook the luck that is staring you right in the face. Saturn's backward cycle usually brings us face to face with karma we may have been trying to avoid, while Uranus will reveal unexpected truths when it's backward mode. The backward path of Neptune, in contrary fashion, will allow us to see through the veil of illusions that may be been deceiving us, and Pluto's retrograde cycles lights up the inner paths that will show us how to clean up a lot of old debris if we are willing to dig right in and work with it.


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