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Monday January 1, 2007 Edition
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Reaping The Harvest In 2007

Monday January 1, 2007

By Kathleen Johnson

   Many world-wide cultures refer to seven year cycles of growth and here we are in the seventh year after the Millennium. The Bible refers to the seventh year of harvest and rewards whether it was the overflowing of the Nile or gifts from heaven, and my mother always referred to a bumper crop year in which the hay was thicker, the ears of corn plumper and crop growth was plentiful. Thus, we can expect to see the results of the planning that take place in the earlier years of the Millennium and were put into motion last year to appear, for better or for worse. Our karma comes home to roost and with the Jupiterian luck that dominates the year, it should be good.

   The year that is knocking on the door with its arms full of Jupiterian prosperity should be welcomed with open arms, for there is a sense of power and excitement that has been missing in the last few. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and adventure is in its own sign as the year begins and it's still there when it ends. Since this only happened six times in the twentieth century, it bears with it the promise that is always there when Jupiter comes around, and that is the promise of good times coming if we are just willing to let go of the branch we are clinging to and stretch ourselves to the next step. Now I know that many of us already feel stretched beyond the point of return, but Jupiter doesn't make promises that it can't keep.

   We will understand what is coming next year a bit better if we take the time to consider the influences on the solstice of December 21st that nurtured the New Year in its cradle before letting it take its first steps into the world. The solstice chart, of course, happens at the first degree of Capricorn which occurred at 7:20pm The moon is also in Capricorn for the day before was a new moon at the 29th or crucial degree of Sagittarius, breaking old patterns and setting the stage for new ones. The royal sign of Leo is on the ascendant, and with five out of the ten planets in the sign of Sagittarius, the time is ripe for adventure and reaching far beyond what we know now so see hoe far we can take ourselves if we have the faith to do so. The solstice is a time when the spirit is renewed so that we can make the leap into the New Year with an inner understanding of what we are going and why we want to do it in this particular manner.

   Moving from the solstice chart to that of the New Year, many of the planets are the same, but a few have moved on. The sun is always in Capricorn for this is the time of year when that stern sign holds sway over the land. The rising sign is always Libra for the New Year officially begins at midnight on New Year's Eve. That Libran force encourages us to look at life from both sides and to strike the best balance possible between our inner and outer beings. It is the sign of partnership and cooperation and if we let it influences us in a positive way, it who knows what we can accomplish.

   The moon in Gemini adds a delightfully light touch to the mix that is good for communication, especially if there are people in our lives with who we have been on the outs.  Pick up the phone and make a call or send and e-mail or write a letter so the other person knows that you're willing to breach the gap of misunder-standing. After all, if we're going to work on clearing up old karma, the important thing is to make the move even if you feel as if you shouldn't have to be the one to do so.

   As you probably know by now after reading enough of these articles, the planets move backward and forward through the signs. Only the sun and moon have a straight ahead path with the sun changing signs approximately every thirty days and the moon whizzing through all the signs every twenty-eight days. The other planets move quickly or slowly, depending on their nature.

    Mercury, the messenger of the gods and ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, has the most erratic path of all the planets, dancing backwards several times throughout the year. It is in Capricorn as the year begins, moving on into Aquarius and then Pisces before it goes retrograde from February 14th through March 8th. It sashays forward again until June 15th when it turns backward in Cancer until July 9th. Its third and final retrograde cycle of the year extends from October 11th through November 1st.  Keeping track of these cycles alerts you to when communications get tangled or break down completely. Then when the retrograde cycle is complete, issues can be approached with a sense of the complete picture rather than just part of it.

    Venus is in Capricorn as the year begins, but sails off to Aquarius within a couple of days. It has only one retrograde cycle, beginning on July 27th in Virgo and sliding backward through Virgo into the middle of Leo by September 8th. It returns to Virgo on  October 8th, then proceeding smoothly through the rest of the year. However, its lengthy sojourn in Virgo is an indication for all of us to give our health more positive support than we may have been doing up until now.

    Mars is journeying through Sagittarius as the year begins, and marches steadily forward until September 28th when it moves into the sign of Cancer, one in which it's not terribly comfortable. Its pace slows as it approaches November 11th, the day it goes into retrograde motion through the end of the year and a bit into 2008. It stays in the sign of Cancer where it can produce considerable upheaval in the real estate market as well as forcing many people to seriously adjust their home lives.
    Jupiter is the first of the major planets and since it is happily parading through its own sign all year, it is a dominant force in all of our lives whether we're a Sagittarian or not. Sagittarius is the rising sign of the United States, so this optimistic energy may be just what we need as we strive to keep the faith in our system of government. Jupiter starts its annual retrograde cycle on April 5th, remaining in that mode of action until the 6th of August. Its continued presence in Sagittarius is a nudge for all of us to be more confident in our decisions and the way they affect our lives on an individual level.

    Saturn is the Lord of Karma who dominated 2006 so he is still a major player in 2007 as well. As the only retrograde planet in the chart of the New Year, it can have a dampening influence on all that Jupiterian expansion and growth, but it's so that we don't leap too far without looking. It turns direct on April 19th and continues its slow trudge through Leo until the 22nd of September when it makes its way into Virgo, a sign in which it will feel considerably more at home. It turns backward on December 19th so will enter 2008 in a retrograde cycle as well.

    Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (yes, astrologers still consider it a planet) are known as the generational planets for their effect is felt as strongly in group energy as it is on individual destinies. Uranus and Neptune continue to move through each other's signs where they continue to blur the lines between fantasy and reality and imagination and science in a way that has taken technology forward in leaps and bounds. They each have a lengthy retrograde cycle in 2007; Uranus moves backward in Pisces from June 23rd until November 24th and Neptune in Aquarius from May 24th until October 31st. That ought to make for a pretty interesting Halloween.

    Pluto winds its way through the final five degrees of Sagittarius this year with a single retrograde cycle that extends from March 31st until September 7th., dipping its toe into Capricorn early in 2008, but not for long. It will retreat back into Sagittarius for several more months next year, but for this year it will bring many of us face to face with the rewards we have earned for ourselves for better or for worse. I am reminded of the words of a song which say that `the laws of karma are easy to keep, so as you sow, so also shall you reap. So be careful and don't sow the bitter seed and then you will not have any need to regret the harvest of your heart.' 2007 is a harvest year and to catch a glimpse of how it will affect you individually, keep reading.

   ARIES is the first sign of the zodiac fro the astrological year begins with the spring equinox, occurring on the evening of March 21, 2007. That is the day the sun enters your sign and with Mars having progressed from Sagittarius to Aquarius in the early months of the year, you have a ton of personal energy to work with. Mars is in your sign from May 15th through June 24th, and that is the optimum time to set projects and plans in motion for once fall arrives, Mars will begin to slow down in preparation to begin its retrograde journey on November 11th. That trip lasts until early 2008, so there will be ample time to revamp plans that need to be reworked.

    TAURUS is when spring comes fully into bloom and when it arrives on April 20th, Venus will have just flitted into Gemini so this should be a good money time for those born into this sign. This is a year to take stock and lay a solid foundation for the future for you have the advantage of a six week backward cycle from late July through early September in which you can look at everything from a different point of view and then take action in the last three months of the year. This year of 2007 throws the cosmic spotlight on your home as well, but it's more in terms of buying and selling or completely redoing the home you live in.

    GEMINI is ruled by Mercury and is many comings and goings re detailed earlier in the article, but suffice it to say that the constant activity of this planet keeps your life in motion all the time. The harvest that you reap this year has a lot to do with your business activities, and you may sell a business that you own this year or head it into a brand new direction. Just don't do that while Mercury is retrograde or you may find yourself doing that work twice. Keep the lines of communication in action, particularly with family members for it seems that June is a month when misunderstandings can arise and no one wants to be the one to make the first move.

    CANCER is ruled by the moon and with the lunar orb in Gemini as the year begins, your intuition is getting a good push from the cosmos. If you're interested in such things, this would be a good year to work on opening your inner self. One of the best times to do that would be during your own sign in June and July and working with a simple pendulum can do all sorts of things to open those inner doors. The 3rd is the day of the Capricorn-Cancer full moon and it will be echoed from the other point of view when the moon is full in Cancer and Capricorn on June 30th.There will be yet a third one on December 23rd, making this a powerful year for us.

    LEO is known as the royal sign and it holds sway in the days of high summer. The sun comes home on July 23rd, staying in residence for one full month. During this time, Leos have a chance to reach out for what they want with the confidence that they can have it if they believe that they can. Friendships are the backbone of this year, and you will make new friends as well as strengthen the bonds you have with old one. Follow your hopes and dreams, especially in May and December when the stars work their magic to help you achieve your goals. Probably the best news is that Saturn is leaving your sign on the 2nd of September although it will put a crimp in your income for a while.

    VIRGOANS share many aspects with Gemini in that they are both ruled by Mercury and thus subject to the vicissitudes of its frequent retrograde cycles. However, you generally can use them more efficiently because when you know when they occur, you can plan to be doing certain tasks that will take advantage of that energy that allows you to recheck things. Saturn arrives in late September and although it can be restrictive in some signs, you welcome the feeling of having your feet on the ground that it brings with it. This is a year of accomplishment for you and when it is over, you will have a sense of having cleared up whole bunches of old stuff that needed to be released.

    LIBRA is the sign of balance and like Taurus; it is ruled by Venus in all of your loveliness. Although yours is the sign of relationships, the focus of the year seems to be in business and if you've been thinking about going into business for yourself, the early months of 2007 are an excellent time for such an adventure. As we get into summer, life changes into a lazier rhythm that won't pick up the pace until late fall. However, the last two months of this year have more going on than you would even expect, so make sure you have all your dangling ends tied up before they arrive. Otherwise, you'll be playing a breathless game of catch-up right into 2008.

    SCORPIOS have been having a fine year in 2006 with the help of Jupiter and 2007 puts that fortunate planet into your house of income, so you won't miss its presence in your sign too much. This is a big year of spiritual growth as Pluto moves through its last full year in Sagittarius where it has been residing since the late fall of 1995. This is the year for you to reap positive rewards and to make careful plans for what you will do with the next ten years as Pluto works through Capricorn, a sign where it can do much to shake the structure of our world. November is your best month in more ways than one, so make things happen then.

    SAGITTARIUS is the sign of adventure and with your ruler Jupiter, promenading proudly through your sign all year, who knows what wonderful things can happen. One thing is assured and that is that wonderment is one of the key words. Jupiter has one retrograde cycle from April 5th to August 6th, but even that backward mode can't diminish your optimism. You'll be able to use that time to your advantage so you don't leap further and faster than you should when the impulse are upon you. Yours is the sign of faith and you will see that being supported in a dozen different ways so this is a year to shine for that is what you deserve.

    CAPRICORNS are going through big changes this year as well. First of all, Saturn is in backward mode as the year begins and will also be retrograde as 2007 begins. However, the good news is that it moves forward on April 19th and transits into Virgo on September 22nd, just hours ahead of the fall equinox. Don't be surprised if your career goes through an abrupt change as a result. Since Saturn is the lord of individual karma, your harvest will be more intense than most and very personal. Don't be afraid to get down to the bedrock of your being for that is where the changes have to take place. Once you work with them, it proves to be easier than you ever anticipated.

    AQUARIUS rules the Age in which we find ourselves and this forward looking sign that rules such things as television, computers and science is still finding ways to blend with the magic of life. It makes it clearer than ever that man does not live by bread alone. All you Aquarians will be harvesting the crop of your beliefs and the rewards for your compassion for you are the Great Humanitarian. 2007 offers a cornucopia of creativity for your perusal for this is the year to allow your creative side to leap to the foreground, especially right around your birthday. The only warning note sounds in July when there are a couple of health challenges that must not be ignored.

    PISCES has the distinction of being the last sign of the zodiac, the one in which all the crinkles are smoothed out so that the new cycle can begin. Neptune is your ruler and its travels through Aquarius allow you to let more logic blend with your good intuition and vivid imagination to produce genuine wisdom. June is a month to be wary for you and a friend can have a clash that will last far too long, but for the most part, you reap emotional rewards that make you feel more put together within yourself than ever before. It's a year to let your light shine and to take time to be good to yourself, especially when it comes to your health.

    This year marks the closing of a cycle so that a new one can begin next year and whenever that happens, there is a sense of finality that is almost as if we fear that perhaps another cycle won't be happening this time and this is a really our final opportunity to make things right. Well, it's not a bas thing to feel the urgency to bring our lives into balance so that we can face the future with clarity and purpose. In the midst of looking for the karmic harvest that awaits us, it is good to take the time to consider the actions that led us to where we are. The New Year awaits us with its harvest bounty, so let us fling open the door in the spirit of the season. Happy New Year!


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