Reiki Techniques Gaining Popularity For People And Animals

By Cookie Steponaitis

Blending the words “spirit” and “energy” Reiki is a set of beliefs and practices that was created by Mikao Usui in early 20th century Japan. Reiki is based on the concept that all things are made of energy and that this energy can be used as method of meditation and healing, the Reiki Precepts mix a meditative state of mind and healing. Supporting both the balance and the harmony of the person and animal on all levels, Reiki can be used to heal by using a spiritual rebalancing to help with body heal. Growing all over the country, Reiki is being used by many different people in the Champlain Valley for different purposes. Reiki began to gain prevalence in America during the 1980’s and has continued to grow and expand as a holistic approach to healing and is growing in use in the Champlain Valley.
    When working with animals, Reiki can bring peace or balance to the mood and behavior of the animal and is based on five precepts. Founder Mikao Usui wrote, “Just for today, Do not anger, Do not worry, Be humble, Be honest in your work and be compassionate to yourself and others.” Rather than imposing treatment or a presence on the animal, Reiki is more of an invitation and allows the animal the choice to engage or not in the practice. Honoring the animal and respecting their own energy is also a part of this different way to look at working with animals. Animal Reiki Practitioner Maria Farnsworth remarked, “ Reiki is a way to support physical, emotional and spiritual healing and it is a great compliment to traditional veterinary medicine. I’ve had pets my entire life and in my current experience with three rescue pets, I’ve learned that animals are highly sensitive to energy-positive or negative. A practitioner does not manipulate or direct the healing process. I am thankful for those people who have been open to me offering Reiki to their pets and to Penny Delisle who introduced me to the concept of animal Reiki.” People interested in services or more information can reach Maria at .
    When applied to people, the underlying principles of Reiki focus on using universal life energy to heal. During the Reiki process energy is channeled through the Reiki practitioner and helps the client tap into their own energy to begin the healing process. “Reiki is not to be used instead of medical care,” remarked Reiki practitioner Penny Delisle. “It is to be used in conjunction. Reiki is used to assist in the healing process in many areas of the client’s life including mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many people use Reiki to calm anxiety; and to uplift depression. Others use it to heal sore muscles. Often my clients learn more about themselves during a Reiki session.” Offering services including Reiki, Reflexology, and Raindrop Technique, Delisle is working to achieve her dream of opening a wellness center with other energy workers to bring together a collection of like-minded individuals to offer workshops and services for people focused on meditation, self-growth, and healing. People interested in learning more about Reiki are welcome to reach out to Penny Delisle at (802)349-6705 or at or on Facebook at Zen Dreamspace.

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