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Tuesday January 14, 2014 Edition
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Forecast For The Zodiac Signs In 2014

Tuesday January 14, 2014

By Lydia Solini (

    Aries ruled by Mars can expect more energy and a greater need to focus on your self especially during the first 7 months of 2014.  In order to be happy, Ram, you will need to assert yourself, take on the natural role of leader and face challenges head on until the end of July.  If you do you will find many opportunities to meet your goals.   Be willing to make changes and invite the original or the unexpected to enter your life.  Jupiter in Cancer until the end of July brings extra good fortune when it comes to taking risks as you weigh all the possibilities and Uranus in Aries can really aid when it comes to changing situations.  Avoid impulsive physical actions during this first 7 months which will help you avoid accidents.  The last 5 months of the year are calmer, more sociable and filled with fun activity.
    Taurus ruled by Venus can expect harmony in any pursuit you are truly passionate about during the first 7 months of 2014 as Jupiter in Cancer sextiles your Sun.  It frees up some of the pondering and seriousness that Saturn has added to your life.  Although Saturn in Scorpio is still going to be a big part of 2014 more rewards for hard work and effort are likely to show itself at this time.  Let go and remain open to the possibilities life has to offer, even when you make plans that don’t go the way you want them to, something else even better is likely.  Your love life should be harmonious especially from January to end of July.  The last 5 months of the year may bring some friction with it, take risks when they make sense, expand your knowledge and be open to the ideas of others.
    Gemini ruled by Mercury may feel the subtle effects of Neptune’s imprecise energy, the first area affected may be all forms of communication.  This is a year to seek clarity, avoid overly convoluted relationships and situations that keep you guessing.  Address circumstances and conversations directly, saying less and listening more may help.  Seek out education, going back to school, an apprenticeship or taking workshops; you may be ready for a real change now especially in career.  Learn to meditate, your busy brain is always working overtime, this could be just the thing that takes the edge off.  With Mars in Libra the first 7 months of the year, it may combat Neptune’s draining influence and help you feel a bit more energetic as well as willing to take action.  The last 5 months of the year Jupiter enters Leo which brings a boost to your confidence and lots of prospects for improvement!
    Cancer ruled by the Moon with Jupiter conjunct your Sun in Cancer and Mars square your Sun, you can feel a bit on edge during the first 7 months of 2014.  It will be important to remember that this cycle can get you moving on things you have been ignoring for years!  You are a sensitive soul, Crab, so as you make plans don’t forget to spend time with supportive others so that you are ready for the many opportunities that are coming your way during the first 7 months of the year.  Family, friends and loved ones are particularly highlighted during this time; take care of your health and avoid emotional ingesting.  If you smooth out troubled waters in the first 7 months, the last 5 months of the year may be full of increase not only with your workload but financially as well!  An optimistic perspective is the key to opportunity.
    Leo ruled by the Sun with Mars in Libra for the first 7 months of 2014 decisions and actions become easier and more on target, less emotion helps you feel more self directed.  The demands of your professional and personal life lessen as well.  Consider your happiness and take time to figure out what you want even though others are important to you, Lion.  With Saturn still in Scorpio you will be continuing to evaluate what you are doing and whom you are doing it with but with a little bit of observation much can be understood and changed when necessary.  Your creativity is highlighted throughout the year, with greater self knowledge you will be ready to tackle the things you are passionate about, give this lots of time and attention especially from January to July.  The last 5 months of the year promise accolades and success for all the energy and drive you put into the first part of the year as Jupiter enters Leo, the spotlight shines on you!
    Virgo ruled by Mercury with Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer you can feel as through the world is perking along in your favor for most of 2014!
Opportunities to surge forward and receive recognition and support are prominent, please don’t refuse it or it can sour prospects.  Keep digging deeply into any area of your life that falls short so you can correct it.  Jupiter will be in Cancer for the first 7 months of this year allowing you to get in touch with a softer more sentimental side which also allows others to get close to you.  Neptune in Pisces is opposing your Sun during all of 2104, which will give you a chance to micro manage less and to go with the flow more, take this opportunity to learn to delegate, you could be upper level management material but if you continue to do it all without loosening the reins it might be impossible to go further.  
    Libra ruled by Venus can expect an expansive desire for a more well rounded life, your natural tendency is to over do it, you work too hard, get exhausted, need time to play and then back to work again.  The first 7 months of 2014 are all about creating moderation, with work, your budget and your love life and friendships.  Mars in Libra can have several effects over the next 7 months, it can make you see the need for more physical exercise, seek out love or tweak an existing relationship and it can make you take on difficulties you have been escaping from.  Jupiter in Cancer during the first 7 months brings about more creativity and the need to expand your horizons, with your natural talents maybe you need to think more about the work you do, is it fulfilling?  The last 5 months are calming and you may experience the spotlight for the wonderful things you are doing either on the job, through a love relationship or with children.
    Scorpio ruled by Pluto will still be feeling the serious effects of Saturn throughout the year, but you are a year wiser and if you have been working on moving out of your ruts and making changes you should see some abatement and some rewards for well done work.  Continue to put your energy into what warms your feelings; take time for self care, move on, change jobs, end bad relationships and if single consider searching for love again, and above all be open.  With Jupiter in Cancer trine your Sun for the first 7 months of the year, you will be able to get assistance and support both professionally and personally; you will appear to be more receptive allowing others to draw near and in that process you may receive opportunities.  The last 5 months of the year will work best for you if you take action on all you have been contemplating and working on during the previous 7 months.
    Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter will continue to feel the effects of Neptune’s slow climb as it squares your Sun throughout the year.  It may be a time of great reward if you focus on your ideals, consider your secret yearnings and seek spiritual growth.  With Mars in Libra opportunities to act upon your ideals during the first 7 months of 2014 are easier than usual.  You might need to reconsider your most prominent relationships; perhaps an in depth conversation would clear the air or a change would renew your faith in life’s possibilities.  Follow your intuition throughout the year, be honest and avoid escapism and opportunities may magically present themselves.  The last 5 months of the year bring expansive prospects your way as Jupiter enters Leo and risks relating to your creative side may bring surprising offers.
    Capricorn ruled by Saturn can expect a jolt in your perspective, Goat, during the first 7 months of 2104 as Jupiter in Cancer opposes your Sun, if you can see that abundance and opportunity are all around you; you are sure to prosper but you need to let go of stodgy or overly conservative attitudes that keep you from welcoming the new and different.  With Mars in Libra for the first 7 months you will feel pushed to make decisions and to make changes if you do rewards will come to you as well as support from those you love the most.  Pluto is still in Capricorn is forcing you to consider and probe your past which helps you to create viable intentions about the future.  The last 5 months of the year bring conclusions in areas of your life you have been diligently working on, a sense of peace within career and relationships and a feeling that you are where you need to be, enjoy it!
    Aquarius ruled by Uranus can expect serious Saturn to remain an important aspect of 2014, however you will be feeling more inspired and directed throughout the year.  Your reflective side will be highlighted as it pertains to career but your motivations are clearer than last year.  Self focus helps you understand what you need now, instead of being all things to all people this is a time of self realization.  With Mars in Libra during the first 7 months of the year you can expect most activities and plans to go well, with a smattering of socializing throughout this time to warm your heart.  The last 5 months are filled with rewards as Jupiter enters Leo, it brings with it opportunities to move in new circles, seek education, and take risks that lead to greater self fulfillment.  Your openness to change will set things in motion and will also lead you in the right direction.
    Pisces ruled by Neptune may find that your psychic antenna is overly sensitive since Neptune is conjunct your Sun for all of 2014.  Your dreams and flashes of insight may be a valuable tool to unlocking people and situations.  With the support of Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces you may experience a triple blessing, even though it may be challenging to feel motivated unless you are really feeling positive about something.  This helps your already passive nature create some discipline for yourself which can make accomplishments greater in 2014.  There should be more harmony during the first 7 months of this year, and you might find yourself feeling more outgoing than usual, keep in mind this could lead to uncharted waters and surprising chances for change, be open and reciprocal with others.  Take time out for rest and escape throughout the year it will recharge you.

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