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Forecast For The Zodiac Signs In 2013

Tuesday January 29, 2013

By Lydia Solini (

    Aries ruled by Mars, will experience less stress and strain than last year but Uranus is still creating a bit of havoc.  Your freedom loving rebellious nature is sparked this year and it is time to release unsatisfying attachments that are keeping you in limbo.  For the first six months of 2013 communication is highly harmonious and brings many opportunities to set the record straight, but Ram, you need patience to get this job done.  The last six month of 2013 expands your time for your personal life and you may be ready to take your life to the next level.  Give your time and attention to an important other.   A major opportunity brings a chance for a physical move.  Risk taking is favored so follow your fabulous hunches and don’t look back with Uranus conjuncting your Sun and Jupiter in Cancer squaring your Sun you are ready for some amazing opportunities now!   

    Taurus ruled by Venus, will take a hard look at partnerships this year as Saturn brings the need for a reality check.  Unsatisfying relationships will end and positive relationships that focus on support and depth bring enriching rewards.  Love can blossom and for those who are single there is possibility of an engagement or marriage.  Stability is something you are always seeking, but it is time to lead a less complicated life with less excesses.  Save your money and find resourceful solutions to business glitches and this can be a year of creating greater security.  Although you are a hard worker, Bull, you need to work smarter and allow change and new ideas to enter your world in 2013, talk to the experts when you don’t know something rather than sitting tight until the problem passes.  Opportunities to expand your business come in the last six months of the year when Jupiter moves into Cancer and opposes Pluto in Capricorn while making harmonious aspects to your Sun.  

    Gemini ruled by Mercury, will continue to have many beneficial advantages as Jupiter remains in Gemini for the first six months of 2013.  Now is the time to feel positive about yourself and what you have to share, to create new beginnings and make changes that are more in line with who you are.  Relationships can be enhanced if you are expressing your true thoughts rather than saying what you think others are expecting.  Create structure this year.  You will need it more than ever, to avoid Neptune’s nebulous effects.  Although you like your freedom you may find your thoughts or your energy evaporating with an overloaded schedule.  That is why a schedule and orderliness is so important and empowering if you want to get the job done.  Making commitments is not your strong suit, changeable Twin, but it is important this year to find at least one commitment that will keep you on track.  

    Cancer ruled by the Moon, will still be probing the inner depths of your soul or the past to get greater clarity thanks to Pluto in 2013.  But you are definitely feeling more aware of what you need and want because of this.  The first six months of 2013 will bring some minor opportunities but this period continues your need for space with minor changes or choices.  Hang in there, perfect, Crab, make big plans and spend time with supportive others so that you are ready for the many opportunities that will come your way in the last six months of the year when Jupiter conjuncts your Sun.  Family, friends and loved ones are particularly highlighted during this time; take care of your health and avoid emotional ingesting.  Your workload increases and gives you the ability to show your stuff with confidence to your best advantage.  Optimism during this time brings a range of possibilities and lightening quick insights.  

    Leo ruled by the Sun, can expect a packed social calendar for the first six months of this year as your circle expands, thanks to Jupiter in favorable aspect to your Sun.  Weed through your relationships and activities, though, Lion, or you may feel some burnout from too many demands on your time.  During this year Saturn will highlight your home which can make it necessary for you to correct some physical aspects of your lair or make it difficult to find some private time and space due to too much activity in the home.  You may be ready to downsize or consider renovating or relocating.  Take time to find a peaceful place to ponder your options without interruptions.  Be there for family members but don’t overdo it!  The last six months are less demanding and offer a greater focus on you and what you need to have more happiness in your life.  Take this time and opportunity to plot your course.  TLC is called for now; take short trips, have a massage or beauty treatment which really help de-stress you.  

    Virgo ruled by Mercury, continue to expect career acknowledgment and be willing and comfortable enough to ask for a raise or toot your own horn during the first six months of 2013.  Consider your professional desires now and make some plans to get and maintain what you want.  Saturn brings a positive influence in your life this year and creates the desire for even more discipline, if you can believe that!  You are ready to communicate and resolve anything in your life that you have avoided and you will be doing this all year long.  This helps you move out of the critical zone and lets you feel more empowered because you are willing to act instead of stew.  The last six months of the year brings a new focus on your personal life so pursue your heart’s desires now. Belonging to someone takes on a greater meaning as you seek union and investing in partnership.  Slow down periodically so that you can have time to think things through, don’t over commit or over book your days.  

    Libra ruled by Venus, with Saturn’s heavy influence gone and Uranus in Aries the possibility of life on your own terms makes this year a freeing experience!  Horary!  Pursue your purpose and your passion; get as quirky as you want.  Don’t settle for less or try to keep the peace.  Pluto will have you delving deeply into any codependent relationships and giving you the impetus to move on and seek greater personal satisfaction.  The first six months of 2013 give you an expansive opportunity to make changes in your social and love life, thanks to Jupiter.  Take this opportunity to be your authentic self with people who appreciate your exciting mind and wit.  Make plans for your future, take care of your financial security and make changes by creating a budget.  Avoid spending to impress or soothe your ego it only creates debt.  In the last six months of 2013, your creativity and intuition increase as your career takes the spotlight.  

    Scorpio ruled by Pluto, your already somber personality is further enhanced by Saturn sitting on your Sun this year which can feel a bit like boot camp!  But you are really being asked to get out of your ruts and take a serious look at your life and make the necessary changes to create the life you want to live.  Take heart this year, Scorpion, or better yet put heart back into yourself, move on, change jobs, end a bad relationship, or look for love again, be independent and claim your power.  With patience and perspective you will move mountains in 2013.  Be resourceful and look deeply at anything you are hanging onto this includes possessions.  Is it time to sell things that no longer bring you happiness or get out from under the heavy weight of responsibility that you are not interested in carrying any longer.  With a little effort evolving and changing can be a whirlwind filled with opportunities to go further than you have ever gone before.  Before you know it your footing will be steady again and you will be filled with greater confidence to proceed forward.  

    Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, rewards are likely the first six months of 2013 with Jupiter in Gemini supporting your relationships and social climb.  Love and partnerships of all kinds are highlighted throughout the year.  Luck comes from positive associations with others and increased closeness if you are already involved.  If single, this is a great period of time to meet a special someone so make it a point to rev up your party instincts and reach out.  Money matters may also improve but you will need to restructure using shrewd thinking and downsizing to more meaningful pursuits that net results.  Hobbies and interests offer a greater chance to break out of ruts and may net financial gain.  On and off this year you may seek escape and solitude as Neptune squares your Sun; now is the time to find tranquility and to let go of situations and people that no longer bring happiness into your life.  Great strides can be made in the last six months of 2013, as abundant opportunities come your way and others seek to support you; changes are likely.  

    Capricorn ruled by Saturn, although you will be feeling less restrictions this year you will continue to make deep internal changes.  Weed your life of unfulfilling relationships because a wonderful life waiting to be lived.  Expect profound improvements as Uranus helps you reconsider your thinking allowing you to expand your abundance consciousness.  The first six months of 2013 focus on your daily activities so make time for exercise and take care of your health by eating well and getting enough sleep.  Rewards come in the last six months when Jupiter enters Cancer.  Abundance is all around you and with intention comes the chance to make things happen.  Partnerships both personally and professionally are favored and can bring unexpected financial gain.  If you are looking for a job this is a positive period for that great job to pop up.  Home life may remain a bit unsettled this year; a move may be in order.

    Aquarius ruled by Uranus, will make some serious decisions regarding your career life as the focus turns to a more practical approach for bringing your talents into the world.  Saturn in Scorpio now creates the need to dig deeply into your motivations and feelings about what fulfills you.  You naturally want to give service to the world, Water Bearer, but it needs to net tangible results this year.  Steadfast patience and discrimination will give you the answers you are seeking as you take slow and steady steps forward.  The first six months of 2013 offer a harmonious connection with Jupiter giving you the incentive to have more philosophical discussions that are heartfelt and then to be rewarded with the support of others, if you need a helping hand this is the time to ask.  Travel, although limited this year in favor of finally resolving important areas of your life brings periodic respites.  The last six months of the year bring out your sentiments and a chance to put your intuition to practical use.

    Pisces ruled by Neptune, will find that family matters take up a lion’s share of your time during the first six months of 2013.  Relationships of all kinds bring satisfaction and challenges creating a mixed bag effect as Jupiter remains in Gemini.  Clear communication is essential if you want others to understand you joys and frustrations.  Considerations will be made regarding your home now; if changes really are in order either through redecorating or renovating or moving this will be a time of serious talks and some action even if you are not ready yet to embark on this journey.  The last six months create a phenomenal effect bringing more harmony and confidence into your life this applies to your self expression as well as your finances.  But you need to be a bit more creative in your attitude towards money and you will soon find yourself reviewing all kinds of opportunities.  Neptune conjuncting your Sun gives you the need to periodically slow down and ruminate, do it, to make the most of 2013.


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