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2013 A Time For New Opportunities And Financial Gains

Tuesday January 8, 2013

By Lydia Solini (

    With determination and practicality this can be a great year of increase!  You will do well this year if you are able to follow your intuitive hunches when pursuing practical endeavors.  Business will be on the upswing and management and organization are essential for success.  Concentration and resolve will help you realize your cherished ambitions.  Manufacturing will continue to surge in the United States as well as greater quality in work and products.  With Neptune transiting the 10th house of the US’s astrological chart this is a great time to create and conceive ideas that truly resonate with your sense of purpose within career or professional sectors which may create a sense of great inspiration and innovation.  This is a time to avoid fear, even if Washington is lagging along, don’t stop pursuing or seeking your goals, this will create tremendous momentum in communities, cities and towns all over the US.   

Discretion and secrecy are also a component of this New Year.  It will be advisable for everyone to consider contracts and conditions carefully before fully committing to something.  

This is a fertile time offering increase as economic upturns are possible in money markets, the arts, and communications.  Fashions will be more sophisticated this year with a focus on elegance, refinement and grace emphasized as well as economy of line.  Issues of conception and morality will be in the forefront as is sex scandals in high places.  

Over the next six months, Jupiter is in Gemini, and is offering opportunities through innovation in communication of all kinds: as changes in computers to smaller more compact items emerge, and new technology through cell phones and transportation appear.  Investments in these industries may bring reward.  Greater growth with online networking sites of all kinds is possible during the next six months.  Better understanding of the human brain and improving our thinking abilities is likely and there will be greater interest in keeping the brain young and vital.  There will be more awareness about the power of the mind and how to use our minds to heal our bodies without medical involvement.  

When Jupiter moves into Cancer on July 14, 2013 expansion in the US economy, increase in our currency values and our statue grows exponentially.  Security in financial markets is greater as is property and real estate values.  We will be focusing on our security and stability during the last six months of the year, choosing to save and invest.  We will also see an increase in businesses in all areas of the US economy, ushering in great growth.  

Although this will be a year that is more stable, peaceful and restorative then last year, there will still be civil and political unrest abroad and dissension in the US over political partisanship.  Throughout Europe and the Middle East we have seen protests, riots and disgruntlement.  Deception, betrayal, and conspiracy will be widespread and international situations are likely to be scattered with dishonest dealings.  Governments will continue to be overthrown or engaged in conflict not only by revolution and/or voting but by the maneuverings of groups determined to disgrace and uproot those in power.  There will be continued violence and the world will become more turbulent as people come to realize that their leaders are not really paying attention to there wants and needs.  The hard aspects between transiting Uranus and Pluto tend to intensify the disparity between the masses of people who feel they are being unfairly treated and those in authority who are urgently trying to stay in power and to suppress the people and their wants this year.  The focus on human rights and the desire for equality and freedom will continue to grow throughout 2013.  Getting involved with your local government and its elected officials to put pressure on Washington could net spectacular results.  Immigration concerns will intensify around the globe as people escape oppressed and combative countries seeking work and safety.  Countries will need to address immigration around the world since economies have slowed and jobs are limited and the drains to social programs will only increase the resentment that immigrants may feel through migrating.  

2013 brings a marked increase in conservation and ecological awareness of the needs of the environment and its continuing ravages regarding global warming and industrial issues bringing a greater effort to improve the situation.  We will still be experiencing violent acts of nature and disasters but they will not be as severe as they were in 2012.  Neptune in Pisces will continue to stir up issues around flooding with unexpected hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons and storms affecting our environment. Many scientific discoveries are possible relating to the human body, advances in psychology and new information about the planets and the universe are likely.  And agriculture receives attention and innovation.

Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn throughout the year will create greater interest in protection, law enforcement, insurance, banks and financial institutions.  The debt crises will continue to be a problem worldwide.  Consider addressing your personal debts and paying them off this year.  This is a time when the gravity of the situation is all too apparent and the need to constructively deal with it becomes climactic around the world.  

Saturn and Pluto are ushering in a greater need for psychological understanding and a more definitive approach to mental illness.  Social problems will need to be addressed especially within regard to violence and morality.  Science will confirm the determent of playing virtual games and watching violent movies/television which can create difficulties in knowing right from wrong especially in children and some adults.  Towns and cities should not reduce funding to police because of financial constraints since it can cause a collapse in order when it is most needed.

This year offers opportunities to move in new directions when something is not working which should be emphasized within your life and within your community.  Many will seek greater interaction with their community and their leaders while others will seek a simpler existence with less material concerns and more self sufficiency.  

It is possible that there will be a great resurgence over the next two years in art and music as well as some forgotten crafts.

Even though there will be some continued turbulence greater prosperity in the work sector, manufacturing, the creation of new jobs, the value in our currency and real estate will continue to rise creating less uncertainty in the United States.  The less dependent we are on other countries in 2013; the greater the increase in prosperity and opportunity for the US.  

This is a wonderful time for people to come together not simply because of a crisis but to enlist greater community effort in solving difficult problems.  This is a time to focus on teamwork which may create enormous changes within our cities and town and in our world.  If enough people believe that they can be successful and abundant as well as united we will overcome our monetary, societal and political difficulties.

Mercury will Retrograde (go backwards) three times in the New Year.  This is not usually a cause for concern unless your natal Mercury is conjunct, squared, or opposing transiting Mercury.  The first Retrograde will happen February 23 to March 16 when Mercury will retrograde in Pisces.  The second Retrograde will happen June 26 to July 19 when Mercury will retrograde in Cancer.  The third Retrograde will happen October 21 to November 9 when Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio.

Venus is moving in direct motion throughout the year until it Retrogrades (go backwards) in Capricorn on December 21, 2013 until well beyond the end of the year.  During this Capricorn retrograde all Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and especially Capricorn) will need to consider their security as it relates to real estate, and career goals carefully to avoid problems.  

Mars will be moving in direct motion throughout 2013.  Mars will be transiting Aquarius January 1 to February 1.  Mars moves into Pisces February 2 to March 11.  Mars moves into Aries March 12 to April 19.  Mars moves into Taurus April 20 to May 30.  Mars moves into Gemini May 31 to July 13.  Mars moves into Cancer July 14 to August 27.  Mars moves into Leo August 28 to October 14.  Mars moves into Virgo October 15 to December 7; then from Dec 8 to well past December 31 Mars is in Libra.
As with all transits of Mars it is a time when we want to take action, make decisions and take risks; do so cautiously when Mars is transiting your Sun or Moon.

Jupiter continues its transit in Gemini in 2013 eventually moving out on July 13, 2013 during this time Jupiter will retrograde January 1 to January 29.  The greater emphasis during this cycle is on all the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and their need to expand their view of relationships and avoid continuing to acquiesce to the needs and wants of others while forgetting their own.  On July 14, Jupiter enters Cancer and travels in direct motion until November 7 when it retrogrades well past December 31.  During this time all the Cardinal Sun signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will need to expand their viewpoints as it relates to their identity while balancing their relationship needs.  

Saturn continues in Scorpio until well after December 31, 2013.  It will retrograde on time in 2013, on February 18 until July 7.  At this time all the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be concerned with reviewing their lives.   

Uranus is still transiting Aries and continues well beyond 2013.  It will be retrograding from July 17 to December 16 while in Aries.  This transit may help all the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) because it brings possibility and movement which is something Cardinal signs enjoy and helps lessen the nervous energy they naturally possess.

Neptune continues in Pisces will remain well beyond 2013.  It will be retrograding in Pisces from June 7 to November 12.  This very extensive transit will have impact on the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).  This will be a time a great reflection and insight which may lead to a greater inner understanding and of choosing a new direction.  Because this is a very long transit the effects will be subtle but still relevant.
As we move forward into the New Year it is my hope that you will feel optimistic, directed and confident to pursue your goals and extend a hand to those who are less fortunate.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

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