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Tuesday July 17, 2012 Edition
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An Ancient Window into the Human Psyche: The Science of Astrology

Tuesday July 17, 2012

By Cookie Steponaitis

   For thousands of years, humans have walked the earth and stared at the night sky in wonder. As early as five thousand years ago, man began to postulate about the mathematical relationships and interactions between planets, the solar system and its impact on human kind. The connection between the science of the stars, Astrology, and the laws of science can be traced back to Babylon, Egypt and Ancient Greece and were first tested and linked by Copernicus and Galileo. While the scientific revolution of the 1500’s began to downplay Astrology as a science, the studies have in fact continued uninterrupted to modern times.
Using statistical analysis and data to show links between the positions of planets and stars to human behavior, the science of Humanistic Astrology appeared in America as early as the 1770’s, when Benjamin Franklin, Freemason, inventor and Astrologer, determined the birth date of our nation, July 4, 1776.  He orchestrated the timing of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence based on Astrology, which was the beginning of our own history in the United States.  Throughout the 5,000 years of its existence what has not changed is that Astrology offers another paradigm of knowledge and tools to help people understand themselves, their lives and their choices.

Certified Astrologer, Lydia Solini has always been intuitive and was raised to respect and embrace spirituality from a very balanced viewpoint. Lydia was first introduced to Astrology by her Grandmother, Angelina Solini, about thirty-five years ago, and when the opportunity came along to study with a professional Astrologer she began a four year odyssey which led to becoming a Certified Astrologer in 1984. Always seeking answers to the mysteries of life and in her quest to help others, Lydia finds that Astrology offers, “A window of clarity for the person seeking answer’s to their personality as it relates to themselves and their relationships, career, life purpose, past lives, and their future.”  She believes in free will and knows that when we are aware of an issue and we are determined to change it, we also change our future!  She focuses on positive ways to make changes and her mission is to empower her clients.

In her twenty eight years as a practicing Astrologer, Lydia has come to realize, “that our personalities are multi-dimensional and Astrology gives people a valid window into understanding their life experience and a lens through which to examine how we are impacted by those around us and in turn how we impact each other.” Offering a host of Readings and Services including many different types of Astrological/Intuitive Readings, Flower Essence Counseling, Transcendental Meditation, Space Purification and Feng Shui Consultations, Lydia delights in working with people and sees her role as one of offering clients a greater perspective and a limitless view of life’s possibilities.   She works with people to provide a clear picture of their lives and to offer ways, through which they can constantly evolve, find their own identity and lead a balanced life. Whether people are seeking insight, answers or a direction, Lydia offers a scientific and yet, a holistic way to gather and process information about themselves as individuals.

Curious? Intrigued? Lydia Solini invites you to explore her website and see if her approach to analyzing life can be of benefit to you on your own journey. This reporter felt motivated to see what the entire ancient hubbub was about and had a reading. The insights offered were astonishingly accurate, focused and gave this reporter plenty to think about and ponder. Even some of the giants of the world of science have paused to think and reflect on the ancient science as a lens through which to look at life. Albert Einstein concluded, “Astrology is a science in itself, and contains an illuminating body of knowledge.  It has taught me many things, and I am greatly in debt to it.” Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on projects, programs and plans to help them focus talents, identify goals and search for their own personal meaning of life. While Astrology may not be for everyone, Lydia Solini, offers a way to examine a 5,000 year old approach that truly looks and is the basis for the ancient proverb that our futures are written amongst the stars.


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