History Is Calling And You Are All Invited

By Cookie Steponaitis

    Fifty-seven VUHS US History students are issuing an invitation and a challenge. On Wednesday, April 1st from 6:30-8:30 p.m. their History Day projects in the exhibit, performance, website, and documentary categories will be on display in the VUHS Library. Standing by them will be the students with research and insight to share into this three week project that culminates in competition at Vermont History Day on April 4th at Spaulding High School. Sponsored by the Vermont Historical Society and linked to the National History Day organization, this event has for over thirty years focused attention and effort on the research and presentation of history. Students select topics based on an annually selected theme and research the topic alone or in groups. They research, read, write, and communicate their learning in the form of a formal presentation and interview with a panel of judges.

    The VUHS contingency could not even begin to tackle a project of this size without considerable support from the local community. The group would like to thank RK Miles, Inc. for their generous donation of a large supply of plywood and hinges for exhibit boards, the Ferrisburgh Historical Society for monetary support for printing of photos, foam core, and other needs and the Vergennes Union High School for entry fees and countless hours of support and technology support. In particular, the students thank Mr. Chris Brady, Mrs. Lenore Morse, Mr. Tom Heller, Mrs. Wendy Cusson for their time and endless patience. Also thanks to Aubuchon Hardware and Kinney Drugs for their assistance. Last, but certainly not least, the patience and expertise of Case Laminating for copying and working with over 300 photos from books, magazines and CD’s. Even in a time of economic uncertainty these groups stepped forward and made such an important difference.

    Now the challenge! For all of you arm chair historians or even those who hated history as a child, the display has something for everyone. Bring your children, bring grandma, or just bring yourself, but come and see what research and creativity can do, linking both past and present. There will be light snacks there and most importantly teenagers waiting to share what they have found and documented for themselves as budding historians. This exhibit represents the 25th continual entry for VUHS students in this competition and every year there is something new to see. Hope to see many of you there!

    Topics include Billy the Kid, Geronimo, Metallica, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Jackie Robinson, WW II Nurses, Beethoven, Martin L. King, Jr., Winston Churchill, P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford, Clessie Cummins, Ben & Jerry, Amelia Earhart, Justin Morgan, V. I. Lenin, Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Quentin Tarantino, Tracy Chapman, Matthew Lyon, Roberto Clemente, J. Edgar Hoover, Dorothea Lange, Charlie Parker, Ann Story, Thomas Macdonough and more. The theme for this year is the Role of the Individual in History.

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