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Tuesday October 25, 2016 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars week of October 25

By Lydia Solini (

ARIES (MAR20-APR19):  Sidestep distractions on Tuesday and Wednesday; get all the particulars and make sure others are doing what they are supposed to be doing.  Relationships of all kinds need your attention over the next three days; let loved ones know that you care.  Your desire to get the job done on Sunday and Monday, sparks others which helps you complete tasks.  Seek out fun situations and good pals on Tuesday; this is a great time to take a break.

TAURUS (APR20-MAY20):  Business possibilities are all around you on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Follow your creative hunches over the next three days; lots of good fortune can come your way by engaging others and using finesse.  Rewards are possible on Sunday and Monday; have discussions and work out details.  Be receptive to the thoughts of others on Tuesday; their advice mixed with your savvy business understanding makes a powerful combination.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20):  Responsibilities increase on Tuesday and Wednesday; pay attention to all the facts before proceeding.  Friends are the answer to relieving stress over the next three days; make plans and be active.  Stay focused on what needs to be accomplished on Sunday and Monday; possibilities are all around you.  Social or romantic opportunities are yours on Tuesday; find a way to escape from the minutiae.

CANCER (JUN21-JUL21):  Work from home or push pet projects along on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Reach out to others either personally or professionally over the next three days; your associations are favored and can lead to rewards.  Trust your psychic impressions on Sunday and Monday; this is a great time to get the answers you seek.  Take a relaxed approach to situations and people on Tuesday; this will make the most headway.  

LEO (JUL22-AUG22):  Take care of others on Tuesday and Wednesday; your ability to lead with kindness alters challenges.  Social opportunities are all around you over the next three days; make it a point to use teamwork to get things done as well as connect with others.  Financial dealings with others are highlighted on Sunday and Monday; if finances are shared try to come to an agreement.  Take a chance on whatever you are passionate about on Tuesday.

VIRGO (AUG23-SEP22):  Pay close attention to your finances on Tuesday and Wednesday; consider practical ways to save.  There are many ways to get answers over the next three days; brainstorming sessions with fellow coworkers or friends can lead to new ways of tackling issues.  Serious conversations or researching a subject offer opportunities on Sunday and Monday.  Making decisions may have to wait until after Tuesday.

LIBRA (SEP23-OCT22):  Tuesday and Wednesday are great days for new beginnings; so, get things off the ground but keep the details in mind.  Your love life heats up over the next three days; it is your time to receive love and support bask it loves glow.  Work hard and be thorough on Sunday and Monday; determination pays with completed tasks.  Choose ways to become more informed about the work you do on Tuesday; take a class.

SCORPIO (OCT23-NOV21):  Higher ups will be able to see your grasp of the situation on Tuesday and Wednesday; work with consensus.  Your desires may rule your choices and the types of people you select to align yourself with over the next three days; get an objective person to weigh in before proceeding.  You are in your element and likely to be able to get things done your way on Sunday and Monday.  Choose the road less traveled on Tuesday.  

SAGITTARIUS (NOV22-DEC21):  Reality beckons on Tuesday and Wednesday; due diligence is called for now.  A special someone is on you mind over the next three days; do your best to seek romance and companionable connecting!  Responsibilities mount on Sunday and Monday; arrange your schedule so that you have time for the most important challenges to be completed first.  A creative mind creates fabulous results on Tuesday.

CAPRICORN (DEC22-JAN19):  Put your natural business talents to work on Tuesday and Wednesday; much can be gained.  Work with others to create harmonious interactions and great results over the next three days and you will avoid difficulties.  Combine, continue and keep up your energies on Sunday and Monday; occasions to show your expertise are possible now.  Let go of cautions on Tuesday; this is a great time to let other ideas persuade you.

AQUARIUS (JAN20-FEB19):  Delegate the common tasks to others on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Your relationships with others play a role in solving difficulties and ending the confusion you may be dealing with over the next three days.  Flexibility with plans and thoughts help you adapt on Sunday and Monday; this can bring new people or opportunities into your life.  Follow your druthers on Tuesday; this a great time to do something inventive or unique!   

PISCES (FEB20-MAR19):  Rewards are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday; stay on task.  Seek out the most peaceful direction you can over the next three days the possibilities may create a meeting of the minds.  Put your sixth sense into motion and focus on any area of your life that needs improving on Sunday and Monday the results could be stellar.  Hold fast to your needs and wants on Tuesday because others may expect you to forgo them.


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