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Tuesday September 9, 2014 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's In The Stars week of September 9

By Lydia Solini (

ARIES (MAR20-APR19):  Tuesday is a more reflective day; focus on your feelings, and the need for some space.  Expect abundant energy over the next two days; you are ready to take the initiative so micro focus on what needs your attention.  Love and family become the major focal point on Friday and Saturday; share your thoughts so loved ones can make adjustments and offer feedback.  Contacts of all kinds will bring sudden opportunity on Sunday and Monday.  Decisions are highlighted on Tuesday.  

TAURUS (APR20-MAY20):  Romance and leisure dominate Tuesday; take some time for you.  Your buttons will definitely be pushed over the next two days; avoid letting sensitivities mount; seek conversations that help you vent.  Friday and Saturday promises stability and much accomplishment can be made with little effort.  Special confidants help you feel inspired if you create a forum to share ideas on Sunday and Monday.  Use your intuition for financial gain on Tuesday; new business opportunities are highlighted.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20):  Accountability is emphasized on Tuesday; make decisions that satisfy yourself and others.  Physical and social activities help you gain a better perspective over the next two days; knowing your intentions helps you take better action.  Financial matters may be on your mind on Friday and Saturday; consider ways to increase your resources.  Expect the unexpected on Sunday and Monday; opportunity is all around you.  Emotional reactions prompt unwise decisions on Tuesday.

CANCER (JUN21-JUL21):  Your intuition and emotions are revved up on Tuesday, confide in others.  The next two days require patience and a can do attitude; you can make things happen.  Friday and Saturday promise a chance for love, bonds and new beginnings; let go of your worries.  Sunday and Monday; requires quick thinking; think in more conceptual terms; express yourself, the results may impress you!  Anything you are discontent with on Tuesday; may become overly magnetized.

LEO (JUL22-AUG22):  Honor your intuition about an existing circumstance on Tuesday. Daring action brings results over the next two days; discussions create delays; doing it yourself brings the best results.  Avoid major decisions and planning sessions on Friday and Saturday; communication may be confusing and lead to wrong assumptions. Involvement in community events gives others the chance to see your resourcefulness on Sunday and Monday.  Loved ones need your attention and support on Tuesday.

VIRGO (AUG23-SEP22):  Your efforts will be rewarded on Tuesday; maintain your ultimate objective.  Keep your reactions to a minimum over the next two days; well chosen words keep conversations from sounding critical.  A take charge attitude on Friday and Saturday helps you concentrate on practical concerns.  Expect quick witted discussions Sunday and Monday; modify work habits and make decisions.  Weigh your needs with those of others on Tuesday.

LIBRA (SEP23-OCT22):  Those close to you could use your support on Tuesday; others may be overly emotional.  Romance is highlighted over the next two days; consider your current needs in all areas and you may experience rewards.  Take a time out to enjoy and laze a little on Friday and Saturday; social connections take priority over work.  Talk over ideas on Sunday and Monday; insights gained make way for opportunity.  Long standing emotions may surface on Tuesday.

SCORPIO (OCT23-NOV21):  Tuesday takes on a serene and reflective tone someone may offer insight.  Consolidate your intentions over the next two days; cut your “to do” list in half; patience brings results.  Rewards are likely on Friday and Saturday; intuition plays a role; communicate your feelings to an important other.   Go with the flow on Sunday and Monday; much activity is promised; be responsive, make changes.  A parent or older family member may need your attention on Tuesday; be there.  

SAGITTARIUS (NOV22-DEC21):  Decisions may be challenging on Tuesday; but keep in mind your need to move forward.  Working with the public is highlighted over the next two days, a resourceful approach brings opportunity.  You will need to watch your expenses Friday and Saturday; avoid emotional spending.  Sunday and Monday bring balance; socializing is favored and rewards offer unexpected gains.  Someone from the past may resurface on Tuesday; is this welcome; if not an aloof approach is best.  

CAPRICORN (DEC22-JAN19):  Put your attention on what you wish to create for yourself on Tuesday.  You may not feel ready to deal with a current situation but the next two days will urge you to do just that; weigh the pros and cons; than take charge.  Financial opportunities are abundant on Friday and Saturday; make steady effort; get expert advice.  Invest your time in others on Sunday and Monday; this brings long term results.  Your ambition is very strong on Tuesday; ask for what you need at work.

AQUARIUS (JAN20-FEB19):  Tuesday is all about seeing life’s possibilities; a flexible attitude is best.  The next two days bring an option to make some changes; others may be surprised by your choices; explain your need for change.  Discussions may be filled with debates on Friday and Saturday; you both may feel misunderstood; seek resolution.  Sunday and Monday promise clearer interpretations and positive outcomes.  Get in touch with your feelings on Tuesday; disparity is possible; seek out like minded others.

PISCES (FEB20-MAR19):  Responsibilities and work pressures on Tuesday can dampen your personality; keep in mind balanced decisions net desires.  Clarity may be a challenge over the next two days; focus on finite projects and complete what you start.  Friday and Saturday promises to be exciting; romance is in the air; take it slow!  Questions clamor for answers on Sunday and Monday; thoughtful deliberation helps.  Siblings can play a dominant role on Tuesday; take it all in and follow your intuition.


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