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Tuesday November 12, 2013 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's In The Stars week of November 12

By Lydia Solini (

ARIES (MAR20-APR19):  Expect things to slow down on Tuesday; reorganize and reflect on your goals.  Act on all you have been considering over the next two days; this is a great time to set plans in motion.  Opportunities of a material nature are possible from Friday to Sunday; practical consideration nets positive results.  Monday and Tuesday are compelling days and you can glide through them connecting and relating; expect many things to fall in place.     

TAURUS (APR20-MAY20):  Love relationships are highlighted on Tuesday; get out and connect or entertain at home.  An expressive approach over the next two days helps others understand just what you are expecting.  Let go of business worries and focus on solid contacts from Friday to Sunday; it will produce desired results.  An outgoing, social approach wins out on Monday and Tuesday; pursue bonds with others.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20):  You may feel a bit scattered on Tuesday; as a variety of activities beckon.  Opportunities come your way over the next two days; finish what you started and advertise your ideas.  Identify your talents and skills which will give you the right perspective to move forward from Friday to Sunday.  The intensity of Monday and Tuesday may have you lost in thought; use this time to rethink your strategies it will bring rewards in the future.  

CANCER (JUN21-JUL21):  Your psychic perception will be unusually high on Tuesday; avoid dependent people and focus on your needs.  Urgency is the overall energy of the next two days; and so is confusion; slow down; take time to analyze before making a decision.  Family issues may need your time and attention from Friday to Sunday; your loving warmth helps others through a difficult time.  Self expression is the key to satisfaction on Monday and Tuesday; siblings may offer advice; don’t do it alone.   

LEO (JUL22-AUG22):  It may be impossible to garner the support of others on Tuesday; a changeable atmosphere is to blame; hang in there.  Let your passion be the driving force to get you moving over the next two days; all projects can be completed.  Situations will flow more smoothly from Friday to Sunday if you are flexible and willing to listen to what others have to say.  Community events may dominate on Monday and Tuesday; make party and business plans; many benefits will be derived.  

VIRGO (AUG23-SEP22):  Opportunities are possible on Tuesday; a better understanding of your needs is possible; share your vision and you will get what you want.  Your mind may be working overtime these next two days; be assertive but delegate.  Successful outcomes are possible with business prospects from Friday to Sunday; friendliness and your impeccable eye for detail gets the job done.  Monday and Tuesday are challenging; avoid overreacting; complications with communication are likely; keep it simple.

LIBRA (SEP23-OCT22):  Your idealistic nature maybe overloaded on Tuesday; make changes. Rewards are likely over the next two days; but be aware that communication will need to be very specific; get things in writing.  Responsibilities will keep pulling you back to reality from Friday to Sunday; take small breaks to daydream.  Get out and about; emphasize your ideas and be responsive on Monday and Tuesday; opportunities will result.

SCORPIO (OCT23-NOV21):  Listen to your feelings and pursue change; dreams and impressions are highlighted on Tuesday.  A big shift over the next two days has you feeling dynamic and ready to take on the world; do it.  Rewards of all kinds are possible from Friday to Sunday; someone you have been helping may make changes; business possibilities are also likely.  If you are willing to let go of some of your beliefs on Monday and Tuesday; you will be amazed at what opens up for you!

SAGITTARIUS (NOV22-DEC21):  You will need to alter your behavior with others on Tuesday; a gentle approach is best.  The next two days are excellent for relating to others and for tackling something new.  Your sights will be on partying from Friday to Sunday; as work and most details go by the wayside; have fun!  An opportunity to travel may come up unexpectedly which creates a chance to meet new people; this brings strong feelings of reward on Monday and Tuesday.  

CAPRICORN (DEC22-JAN19):  For greater success create a balance between your work and personal life on Tuesday.  Many decisions need to be made over the next two days; priorities should be considered; and care with your communication is a must.  Work opportunities from Friday to Sunday bring strong demands with a possible pay back later on.  To get the most out of Monday and Tuesday mix business with warmth; avoid gossip or slanted outlook.  

AQUARIUS (JAN20-FEB19):  It may be a challenge to share your thoughts with others on Tuesday.  Let others in on your need to make some changes over the next two days; this brings acceptance and support.  Romance is in the air and even your heady nature takes note from Friday to Sunday; now is the time to let an important other know just how special they are.  Plans and activities that revolve around creativity and negotiation are favored on Monday and Tuesday; your opinions are valued.  

PISCES (FEB20-MAR19):  Step back and allow yourself to mull over ideas on Tuesday; but don’t let fear keep you from making changes.  A gradual approach to your “to do” list works best over the next two days; taking breaks help.  Even though Friday to Sunday have a mellow mood you will be able to produce substantial results as you connect with others.  Tread lightly with family and friends on Monday and Tuesday; you may not be heard correctly so make it a point to be clear. 


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