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Tuesday January 24, 2012 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of January 24th, 2012

By Lydia Solini (

ARIES (MAR20-APR19):  Team effort is the best way to great accomplishment on Tuesday.  Take it slowly and pay attention to details over the next three days, especially as it pertains to work/business.  Connecting with others this Saturday and Sunday offers the best opportunity to achieve great results.  Focus on facts and figures on Monday and Tuesday; eliminate money drains.

TAURUS (APR20-MAY20):  The success of Tuesday depends on your willingness to be open and progressive.  Matters relating to love are the central theme over the next three days; its may be time to evaluate your relationship.  On Saturday and Sunday your energies will be directed towards career goals and issues; consider your communication carefully.  You are in your natural element on Monday and Tuesday; take charge.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20):  Tuesday is a communication delight; pal around with people who “get” you.  Activities relating to and in your home will get the lion’s share of your attention over the next three days.  A lighter mood activates Saturday and Sunday and you will find yourself engaged in activities that are more geared to your eclectic tastes.  Buckle down on Monday and Tuesday as work demands take over; give it your attention.

CANCER (JUN21-JUL21):  Magnetic attractions are possible on Tuesday; be outgoing and sociable, Crab.  Your ability to flow with your emotions gives you the chance to get things done over the next three days.  Your reactions to others may be highly charged this Saturday and Sunday; your upset may be legitimate but in order to be effective, carefully explain how you feel.  Monday and Tuesday offer a great deal of productivity, avoid diversions.    

LEO (JUL22-AUG22):  Opportunities come your way on Tuesday if you allow your grand vision to direct you.  The ability to make things happen continues at a slower pace over the next three days; consider outcomes.  Take charge and lead important others this Saturday and Sunday; important conversations with a loved one brings about positive results.  A relaxed approach geared to cooperative communication gets the job done on Monday and Tuesday.

VIRGO (AUG23-SEP22):  Your health conscious nature takes over on Tuesday; de-stress.  The next three days bring rewards in all areas of your life; your competitive edge at work; your steadfast nature in love; has been netting results but now its time to slow down a little and enjoy it.  Saturday and Sunday will be filled with activities; organizing and completing projects.  You should feel energized and refreshed on Monday and Tuesday; as everyone pitches in with cooperative efforts.

LIBRA (SEP23-OCT22):  Work will seem like a breeze on Tuesday; socialize/network as connections are important in all your endeavors.  A little bit of reflection will help you pinpoint difficulties within an important relationship over the next three days; seeking harmony has you behaving in a passive way; its time to take back your power.  If you do this Saturday and Sunday will offer rewards which put in on track with getting your needs met.  Your romantic nature needs an outlet on Monday and Tuesday.

SCORPIO (OCT23-NOV21):  Consider your inner needs on Tuesday; get out of ruts, if necessary.  Deeper connections can be formed over the next three days as a more leisurely pace begins.  You will be feeling a strong desire to take charge and complete things on Saturday and Sunday; get others on board and you will avoid steeping on toes.  Financial rewards are possible on Monday and Tuesday; opportunities to make deals are everywhere now.      

SAGITTARUIS (NOV22-DEC21):  Work will need an element of socializing and fun to keep you engaged on Tuesday.  Take time to consider areas of your life that are just not working well over the next three days; make a plan of action, sometimes you need to go backwards before you can truly move ahead.  You will be feeling a bit “pumped” this Saturday and Sunday but don’t let your bravado mislead others into thinking you shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Deal with practical matters on Monday and Tuesday.   

CAPRICORN (DEC22-JAN19):  Tuesday is filled with interesting prospects to make changes.  Are you spinning your wheels or are you moving in the direction that will lead you to your ultimate goals; take a break to figure it out over the next three days.  If you have figured out what you need to do, Saturday and Sunday will get you off to a roaring start.  If you are taking your needs seriously on Monday and Tuesday others will do it too!

AQUARIUS (JAN20-FEB19):  Jump back into life on Tuesday; unexpected opportunities are around every corner.  Sensitive others may need your caring but objective point of view over the next three days; don’t let this deter you from necessary responsibilities.  Your desires to act on important goals is paramount this Saturday and Sunday; but consider your personal needs before striking out; let important others in on your plans.  A business associate offers great insight on Monday and Tuesday.   

PISCES (FEB20-MAR19):  Expand your horizons, release negativity on Tuesday and you will feel as though you are on top of the world.  Partnerships have been a bit edgy of late; over the next three days it’s time to mend some fences.  You may not have the answers on Saturday and Sunday; but you don’t need to; just be receptive and respond to an important other.  Your natural creative energy is at a peek on Monday and Tuesday; artistic endeavors bring welcome de-stressing.



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