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Tuesday November 2, 2010 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of November 2nd, 2010

By Lydia Solini (

ARIES (MAR20-APR19):  Ask for help on Tuesday; a positive friendly attitude and practical intention work wonders.  You have the opportunity to make things happen over the next two days; any desires within relationships will be more easily attainable.  Relationships of a deep emotional nature can keep your naturally energetic personality in limbo on Friday and Saturday; have an open discussion.  Resolutions and activity resume over the next two days.  Tackle financial matters on Tuesday; expect good results.  

TAURUS (APR20-MAY20):  Tuesday puts you in a social mood, get out; escape responsibility and play today.  Chances are you will be in a very creative mood over the next two days but it may be hard to get practical things done; delegate.  Rewards are possible on Friday and Saturday; allow your intuition to put you in touch with your needs.  Cultural or educational pursuits should be emphasized over the next two days; expect a different perspective.  Professional interests bring opportunity on Tuesday.

GEMINI (MAY21-JUN20):  A friendship blossoms on Tuesday; let your self go!  The next two days offer lots of social engagements and an opportunity to get to know others.  Obligations of all kinds should be addressed on Friday and Saturday; industrious projects can be accomplished and situations resolved.  Expect rewards for; this weeks efforts over the next two days; theoretical musings help you move in a new direction.  Practical issues need to be tempered with personal needs on Tuesday.   

CANCER (JUN21-JUL21):  Tuesday offers a great deal of creativity; explore areas of your life that need this energy.  Your wants and those of important others are the focal point over the next two days; share your feelings and ideas!  Your intuitive skills are enhanced on Friday and Saturday; rethink your strategies and incorporate improvements.  Someone has a talent that can help you move to the next level; seek out new or unusual friends over the next two days.  Rewards come to you on Tuesday.

LEO (JUL22-AUG22):  Rest, relax and pamper yourself on Tuesday.  The next two days are active and filled with the connections you enjoy the most.  Situations or people can put a damper on your plans or ideas on Friday and Saturday; plan other alternatives and don’t take it personally.  Energies shift and a more convivial atmosphere ensue over the next two days; reach out and emote.  Expectations and demands have you heading in a realistic direction on Tuesday.   

VIRGO (AUG23-SEP22):  Things start moving on Tuesday; assert yourself and you will see the opportunities all around you.  Activities over the next two days should include important others; teamwork has advantages now.  Important others notice your abilities to get the job done on Friday and Saturday; express your desires and vision it can move you up the ladder!  The great outdoors can help you distress over the next two days; take a break.  Traditional concerns are the theme on Tuesday; your sensible approach wins.

LIBRA (SEP23-OCT22):   Get away on Tuesday; you need a break.  The next two days can be demanding; details and accountability on the job is a central theme; set your priorities.  Deal with issues one at a time on Friday and Saturday; incorporate your people skills to get everyone on board.  Opportunities are all around you over the next two days; cement commitments and seek creative outlets.  Balance is the key to less stress on Tuesday; projects don’t need to be problems.    

SCORPIO (OCT23-NOV21):  A peaceful attitude and the art of negotiation is the best tact on Tuesday.  Relationships are still a dominant theme over the next two days but seem less demanding with more opportunities for positive outcomes.  An emotional connection can become romantic on Friday and Saturday; make your desires known and avoid misunderstandings.  Take action over the next two days; make decisions move and forward.  Money returns are possible on Tuesday.

SAGITTARIUS (NOV22-DEC21):  A voice from the past or an old situation unexpectedly pops up on Tuesday.  Your ability to make things is activated over the next two days; as relationships become more social and unexpected conversations bring a chance for change.  Sensitive others need the spotlight on Friday and Saturday; your optimistic personality can help.  Your personality gets a burst of vitality over the next two days; make it a point to tackle unfinished projects.  Stick to a schedule on Tuesday.  

CAPRICORN (DEC22-JAN19):  Put your energy in a new direction on Tuesday; except a miracle!  Your need for personal expression within your working partnerships is a key theme over the next two days; flexibility helps get the job done.  You are more likely to understand the inner motives of others on Friday and Saturday; help out if need be.  Educational pursuits over the next two days can open doors and help you see the possibilities.  Take charge on Tuesday; your executive skills are necessary.    

AQUARIUS (JAN20-FEB19):  Friends gather round on Tuesday; important discussions really add insight.  Your need to help others with their thinking/behavior is highlighted over the next two days; compassion helps them get the confidence they need to make changes.  Check your advertising, constructive efforts within business/work help you make important changes on Friday and Saturday.  Expect the unexpected as astounding events could be set in motion over the next two days.  Delegate details on Tuesday.

PISCES (FEB20-MAR19):  Take a time out on Tuesday and you will feel refreshed which is reward itself.  Avoid over committing time and money to others over the next two days; now is the time to address your needs before trying to meet the needs of others. Your intuition is in full force on Friday and Saturday; opportunities come through your ability to express yourself.  Take time to process information and make decisions over the next two days.  Opportunities at work are likely on Tuesday.



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