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Tuesday August 19, 2008 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of August 19, 2008

By Lydia Solini (

Aries (Mar20-Apr19):  Assert yourself during this reward cycle, many returns for the hard work and effort you have made come back to you.  These next three day blossom as your energy is back in full force, expect opportunities for expansion.  You could be dealing with someone who is like an unmovable object on Friday and Saturday, hold your ground and be patient.  Visionary insights are possible over the next two days; someone gives you answers.  Home will require your attention on Tuesday.

Taurus (Apr20-May20):  Tuesday may find you butting heads with pushy people who feel you are moving too slow.  Look at what needs changing on Wednesday and Thursday; your love and work life are highlighted.  If you stick to getting the job done over the next two days many strides forward can be expected.  Finances are favored.  Discussions are required on Sunday and Monday; don't take shortcuts.  Things relax on Tuesday; take time out for dinner with someone special.

Gemini (May21-Jun20):  You will feel an extra amount of energy to set things in motion; over the next three days.  Sell your ideas to others; but avoid debates, as you try to get your points across.  You will need to pay back a debt or do a favor on Friday or Saturday.  Do what needs to be done to maintain connections.  Action may slow down over the next two days.  Important matters demand your attention now; the process needs your patience.  Emotions run high on Tuesday; you may need to comfort a friend.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul21):  Sensitivities increase throughout the next three days; avoid arguments with difficult people.  Don't make important decisions now.  The mood lightens on Friday and Saturday; take time to out for a loved one and have some fun.  Unexpected money can come to you now.  The next two days favor meetings and negotiations.  Ask for what you want now.  You will feel the need to stick close to home on Tuesday.  Address your needs now.

Leo (Jul22-Aug22):  Things perk up over the next three days; so take action that will get your needs met now.  Your natural enthusiasm helps the children in your life now.  Focus on hard work and practical concerns on Friday and Saturday and much can be accomplished.  Practical decisions are needed.  Get the advice of someone you respect on how to proceed.  Sunday and Monday offer a much needed break enjoy friendships.  Your generous nature comes to the fore on Tuesday as a friend may need your help.

Virgo (Aug23-Sep22): You will feel more compelled to speak your mind over, the next three days, to important others.  Take some action as well.  Focus on your budget Friday and Saturday.  You have been working hard and if you are not seeing enough of a return from your work maybe it is time to ask for more money.  The mood gets more somber over the next two days.  Communication with a good friend may help.  Tuesday offers opportunity to get out and socialize, try to open up and connect. 

Libra (Sep23-Oct22):  You will feel the pressure to take action over these next three days.  If the feedback is positive you will be up for the challenge; if not you may want to make a change.  The need to escape and get some rest and relaxation dominate Friday and Saturday.  Mix in and socialize.  Situations become more steeped in logic over the next two days.  Others seem easier to relate to and you are in a communicative mood to problem solve.  Unresolved issues may resurface on Tuesday.

Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21):  You can feel caught off guard on Tuesday as someone makes an unexpected announcement.  Tensions continue over the next two days; as you feel forced into decisions you are not ready to make.  Advances in work are possible on Friday and Saturday; don't micromanage.  Others offer a fresh perspective.  Being secretive over the next two days could backfire.  You need to be up front and let your pent up emotions out.  You will realize you don't need to go it alone on Tuesday.

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21):  Things pick up for you over the next three days; focus your energy on being outgoing.  You are ready to take risks and show your sunny disposition off to others, much success and friendships are made.  Avoid being lazy on Friday and Saturday even though you are ready to kick back and relax.  Love may be in the air over the next two days as your qualities become apparent.  Others seem emotional on Tuesday; listen even if you can't relate. 

Capricorn (Dec20-Jan 19):  Don't feel pushed by someone else to take action; you need to push yourself over the next three days.  Things seem to be moving slow for you but remember your habit of staying in situations for too long is what fuels this feeling.  It is time to look at your love life especially on Friday and Saturday.  Family can play a helpful role if you let them over the next two days.  Don't put a limit on your emotional expression on Tuesday. 

Aquarius (Jan20-Feb19):  You will be raring get out and tackle life over the next three days.  Opportunities can emerge if you are open-minded.  You will want to slow down the pace on Friday and Saturday.  You have desires even though you seldom admit it; others want to hear what they are.  Brainstorming and information gathering occupy the next two days.  Revelations and plans dominate.  Women play a strong role on Tuesday; get a new slat on an old problem.

Pisces (Feb20-Mar19):  You may feel the need to act without getting the whole story, take time to get the facts.  These next three days bring the opportunity for lots of accomplishment if you are clear.  Love becomes the focus on Friday and Saturday; the support and companionship of a loved one helps you recharge your batteries.  Be direct with your communication over the next two days to avoid misunderstandings.  Take time to rest if you can.  Intuitive dreams give you a much needed message on Tuesday.


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