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Tuesday July 22, 2008 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of July 22, 2008

By Lydia Solini (

Aries (Mar20-Apr19):  Tuesday's slow pace helps you focus on your feelings.  The next two days will emphasize assertive action.  Avoid ultimatums and express your emotions now.  Focus on financial goals, Friday and Saturday it is time to talk one on one with a professional.  Consistency is needed in order to make changes.  The next three days will require discussions with important others, don't leave loose ends in conversations, this will lead to misunderstandings later.  

Taurus (Apr20-May20):  Romance and leisure dominate Tuesday; take some time for you.
Situations with others can fuel your temper, over the next two days; if you are feeling pushed, say so.  Friday and Saturday puts you on familiar ground, much can be accomplished and decisive action nets results.  You will find the next three days are dominated by short trips, and networking so let others know where you stand on issues.  Important contacts can be made now, don't miss this important opportunity.

Gemini (May21-Jun20):  Responsibility continues Tuesday as a decision must be made that satisfies yourself and others.  Show your enthusiasm over the next two days, the time is right to take action, connecting with friends help you to make this transition.  The pace slows Friday and Saturday and you will need to look for solid ways to express yourself.  The next three days are filled with lots of mental activity, many ideas come and go.  Sharing your thoughts puts you on track and opens you up to receiving insight.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul21):  Your intuition and emotions revved up today, confide in others.
Wednesday and Thursday can bring about a bit of emotional turmoil, look at the situation and address it rather than escape from it.  Stay rational and state your case, don't become sucked into arguments.  Things settle down over the next two days, you will feel your persistence paying off now.  Material gain is possible.  Come out of your shell Sunday through Tuesday and you will find yourself connecting with special people who care.

Leo (Jul22-Aug22):  Honor your perceptions about a current situation on Tuesday.  Expect the next two days to be a vibrant social time.  Get out and see friends, pursue goals and act on your enthusiasms.  Slow down on Friday and Saturday, it can be somewhat challenging to make constructive decisions.  You can lock horns with and important other.  The mood changes over the next three days as you will be more adept at getting your points across and others are more receptive to hearing them.

Virgo (Aug23-Sep22): Tuesday brings rewards for hard work; keep your ultimate goals in mind.  Work on clarifying what you want so that you can put your intentions into your activities over the next two days.  Friday and Saturday are great days for accomplishing work.  Your natural practicality and keen eye aid in everything you do now.  Over the next three days narrow your focus to letting others know what you think without getting mired in critical analysis.  Make changes as you move along.

Libra (Sep23-Oct22):  Get in touch with others on Tuesday; those close need your objective approach.  The next two days could be rewarding, if you concentrate on getting your own needs and wants fulfilled.  Take the imitative now.  Friday and Saturday are geared to peaceful pursuits.  You will be in need of relationship connections now so get out and socialize.  Put some energy into beautifying your space.  Over the next three days social pursuits intensify and you could find yourself moving in different circles.  Enjoy!

Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21):  Today takes on a peaceful and meditative mindset. You may feel a clash of wills, Wednesday and Thursday, with other strong minded people.  Use your strategic nature to decide when to strike.  Things quite down, over the next two days, and you may experience financial reward.  Don't let little annoyances cloud your view.  Sunday through Tuesday are about reconnecting with all types of associates; take time to network, this is a worthwhile pursuit which can bring positive future results.

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21):  Decisions may be difficult on Tuesday; don't put too much emphasis on making the right choice.  Situations, over the next two days, can be quite invigorating, you are energized now so be assertive and forward thinking.  You will need to be more cash conscious, Friday and Saturday.  Sit down and look at your expenditures.  Over the next three days, opportunities abound, you will find yourself ready for a short trip or family/friends may come for a visit.  Get out and feel your connections with others.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan19):  Focus on what you wish to create for yourself today; let others know what you need.  Wednesday and Thursday are not without irritation; you are feeling backed into a corner now.  Move out of your ever present practical mode and think about what you really want!  Over the next two days you will realize that you need a change or a vacation.  Take some time for you.  Sunday through Tuesday will have you focusing on what needs to be said; don't miss opportunities to say what is on your mind.

Aquarius (Jan20-Feb19):  Today is all about possibilities; so be flexible now, others are responsive.  Your drive towards the unconventional is at its peak on Wednesday and Thursday.  You are here to follow your own lead, pursue interests that fulfill you.  The next two days bring you down to earth and the need to focus on the practical side of life.  Your interests and passions need to be channeled into career now.  The next three days can bring you in contact with lots of people who can help you channel your energy.

Pisces (Feb20-Mar19):  You feel the pressure to make decisions, today, don't rush things; wait until if feels right.  Continue to hold off decision making on Wednesday and Thursday.  Your emotions are peaked right now.  Over the next two days, you will see the situation more clearly, make choices now.  Take constructive action now.  Family/friend issues come up; Sunday through Tuesday, others need your sensitive nurturing, be there your influence can help someone through a difficult time.              



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