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Tuesday June 17, 2008 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of June 17, 2008

By Lydia Solini (

Aries (Mar20-Apr19):  Use all your energy and ingenuity these next two days and you can make some pretty important connections with opportunities for business but also a new perspective.  Thursday and Friday can be great days if you muster the patience it takes to get through them.  You will need a practical approach as there may be more friction than actual forward movement.  The next three days are great for winding up long standing projects and moving ahead.  Tuesday can dissipate you energy, take a break.

Taurus (Apr20-May20):  Change direction and be open to new opportunities and the next few days will be great.  Initiate new projects Thursday and Friday and they will bring you attention and financial reward.  Over the next three days you may find yourself being pulled out of your comfort zone, someone wants a big change and you will need to ponder what you want to do.  Communicate and be open and it will help you break from the past.  Things quiet down to a nice hum on Tuesday.

Gemini (May21-Jun20):  These next two days bring a surprise reward; a change is necessary which makes it hard to finish what you started.  Put your ideas into some serious practical action on Thursday and Friday anything began gets wrapped up nicely now.  You will find yourself drifting and dreaming over the next three days.  You have been under lots of pressure and you need a mental rest, so take.  Get some sleep and then get out and be social.  Take it easy on Tuesday, don't make any decisions.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul21):  Take action that is ingenious and upbeat over the next two days, you will be surprised at the results.  Practicality and initiative get you everywhere on Thursday and Friday.  Avoid emotionalism and stick to basics.  Financial rewards are possible.  The next three days persevere; those around you will be more open to unconventional ideas, and willing to give you a chance.  It can be a mentally exhaustive time but Tuesday offers you some time to get away.

Leo (Jul22-Aug22):   Your power of persuasion are heightened over the next two days, let your enthusiasm lead others.  Others may demand a more conservative approach on Thursday and Friday, things slow down now and you may feel locked in.  Hang in there as your sunny spirit will soar over the next three days.  There is definitely a chance to let go of convention and someone gives you some visionary ideas about yourself and your abilities, chance encounters open a new door.  Concentrate on your intentions on Tuesday.

Virgo (Aug23-Sep22):  Distractions and pressures drive the next two days.  Put your nose to the grindstone and do what you have to do.  Thursday and Friday put you back on solid ground as you connect with like minds and that are serious. Strategize now.  Over the next three days you mind is energized and moving in an unconventional way.  It is time to take a new direction.  Less pressure and more opportunity come if you communicate. Tuesday leaves you a little frustrated as you feel you are drifting rather than focusing.

Libra (Sep22-Oct22):  The warm glow of friendship enhances the next two days.  Romance is in the air, get out and meet someone new!  Your work life can be demanding on Thursday and Friday as you will need to put thoughts into reality.  Don't avoid issues.
Unexpected activities and change of plans dominate the next three days.  You are in a transforming state of mind now, so let your real feelings out.  Unexpected meetings are fun and lead to changes.  Go with the flow on Tuesday.

Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21):  Lighten up over these next two days, you will need to be flexible, avoid reading into everything that you encounter.  Make plans and forge ahead on Thursday and Friday as it is a great time to stabilize new projects.  Expect financial rewards.  You will need to be creative in your approach to all situations over the next three days, not only to accomplish anything but to avoid arguments as well.  Tuesday puts you in a dreamy state follow your dreams.

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21):  You are feeling empowered and in charge take affirmative action in everything you do, and have fun along the way over the next two days.  Thursday and Friday put limits on your activities as responsibilities loom overhead.  Your career needs tending.  Lay back and get some rays over the next three days.  Expect the unexpected, unconventional thoughts and people come floating into your life now.  Expect activity and change.  Don't let others dampen your beliefs on Tuesday.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan19):  Don't take anything personally over the next two days; let others react as you stay calm.  Things stabilize as you move into Thursday and Friday, as you seek practical ways to deal with work, your conservative suggestions make sense to others.  The next three days are all about change and moving out of ruts.  It is time to take a fresh approach and make a plan to make some changes, this brings achievements.  Make time for some fun too.  Tuesday is an emotional day for those around you.

Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18):  Theoretical views can be shared and expanded on over the next two days with friends as well as new people adding to the mix.  It will be time to initiate a project on Thursday and Friday, use a well grounded approach, and all will go well.  You will be in your element over the next three days, humanitarian interests, friends and group activities as well as rousing conversations lead to fun as well as completion. Logic won't work on Tuesday, use intuition instead.

Pisces (Feb19-Mar19):   Emotions will run high over the next two days.  You are feeling confused as two what course to take with an important other.  Don't let your flexible approach to situations become a problem.  It is time to speak up.  Things become more settled on Thursday and Friday you will need to present practical plans so that others can relate.  An erratic mood prevails over the next three days, try to sort out your feelings and ask the same of others.  Tuesday brings emotions to the forefront.



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