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Tuesday May 20, 2008 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of May 20, 2008

By Lydia Solini (

Aries (Mar20-Apr19):  The pace of the next two days will be fast and filled with high energy; as you run through your days your mind will be working over time on thoughts of family and travel.  Thursday and Friday will be demanding as you try to focus on work as well as the needs of family. Saturday brings up your protective side towards someone special.  Over the next two days let your enthusiasm shine as connections with friends are highlighted.  Work behind the scenes on Tuesday.

Taurus (Apr20-May20):  The need to connect on a romantic level will be great over the next two days, be daring and generous.  Expect Thursday and Friday to be harmonious and lucrative, something you have been working on starts to pay off.  Work will fill your Saturday as well.  Insight and drive will rule the next two days, use thought rather than might to make things happen, someone needs to hear your vision.  Tuesday is all about escape; take a little time for yourself.

Gemini (May21-Jun20):  These next two days are filled with learning experiences and many demands.  Be decisive and plan to divide your time, speak from the heart.  Work takes the lead on Thursday and Friday, you can feel hemmed now focus on the end result.  Watch your spending on Saturday.  Through the next two days your energy picks up and friends are ready to have fun and communicate.  Tuesday don't leave things unsaid.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul21):  Your home life is the focus over the next two days, differences in the way to pursue something can lead to arguments.  Resolve legal issues now.  Things simmer down on Thursday and Friday with business taking center stage and some profitable rewards for your efforts.  You will keep on working it on Saturday as well.  You may feel as though you need to go back into your cave over the next two days as the responses of others seem too unpredictable.  Come back out on Tuesday.

Leo (Jul22-Aug22):  Your need to make things happen permeates your week.  Use your intuition over the next two days, and connect with others, you share many similar views.  Thursday through Saturday can dampen your spirit as practical concerns seem to run the show.  Be organized and follow a plan (it doesn't have to be limiting) you will get more done this way.  Expect the next two days to be filled with people and discussions about progressive subjects.  Something from the past surfaces on Tuesday.

Virgo (Aug23-Sep22):  You may feel some friction over the next two days, as many situations have you on an emotional see saw.  Communicate your distress.  Things settle down on Thursday through Saturday as you connect with other like minded individuals.  Career is highlighted now, so show your practical, authoritative side now.  Energies become more intellectual over the next two days, a social event that gets your creative thoughts going does the trick.  Use finesse on Tuesday.

Libra (Sep23-Oct22):  The next two days has you feeling in sync with your actions and philosophies, you are in a learning cycle now.  Your working partnerships become highlighted from Thursday to Saturday now, so look for ways to be comfortable with authority as well as exerting yours.  Over the next two days you will feel more playful and open sharing your ideas and your needs with others, so take a time out.  Tuesday is all about intuition.

Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21):  Rise above petty differences over the next two days, it can be difficult to make your point.  Thursday through Saturday is more stable so look for peaceful ways to get things done.  You want to move ahead now but follow your intuition over the next two days.  You can have great vision but guard against delusion, don't push, use a wait and see attitude.  Tuesday slows down the momentum.

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21):  Look at life with an open expansive attitude over the next two days.  You will be forced to see different sides to issues you are encountering now, stay neutral.   Opportunities at work come along to show your abilities now, rise to the occasion and you may move ahead, Thursday through Saturday.  Play becomes a integral part of the next two days.  Tuesday brings a reality check.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan19):  Take a broad view of your life over the next to days, think about getting out of your ruts.  Even though your work life takes center stage, especially from Thursday to Saturday, you are missing out on many other facets of life.  You need to gain perspective.  Over the next two days you will encounter someone who can help you move beyond the mundane details of life, when opportunity knocks answer!  Tuesday is about being less rigid.  

Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18):  Change is the name of the game this week, let in the philosophies of others and let out yours over the next two days.  Get involved in a worthwhile cause.  From Thursday to Saturday others will take your unusual ideas seriously, express yourself in less avant-garde ways.  Over the next two days expect great flashes of intuition as you ponder the next step, get out and connect with others, get their feedback.  Stay in on Tuesday and ruminate.

Pisces (Feb19-Mar19):  These next two days can be trying at best, you are still needing to update your ideas and make changes in the areas of your life that need it.  Take some time to focus on this.  From Thursday to Saturday you will feel poised and ready to take charge of your work situation.  It can be a profitable time for you.  Over the next two days, mixing with interesting people spurs you onto your own psychic truths.   Say what's on your mind on Tuesday.



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