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Tuesday March 11, 2008 Edition
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It's in the Stars

It's in the Stars for the week of March 11, 2008

By Lydia Solini (

Aries (Mar20-Apr19):  You will be feeling the need for a greater sense of security especially Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Be patient because Mars has you going, things will flow more smoothly over the next two days.  Avoid jumping to conclusions and allowing the pressure to build on Saturday and Sunday, as smooth sailing is on its way Monday and Tuesday keep your goals in sight and relax if you can!

Taurus (Apr20-May20):  As a rule you are sure and steady but you may feel a little fuzzy and off course today and tomorrow.   Ride this out without making too many decisions.  By the time Saturday and Sunday roll around you will be feeling back to your old self.  These are great days to accomplish the things you have been putting off!  When Monday rolls around do not allow your frustrations to build, let out your thoughts to others.

Gemini (May21-Jun20):  Practical issues will concern you today, think about what you really want and make some kind of concrete goals to make it happen.  On Thursday and Friday your need to socialize and communicate your ideas as they will be heightened, get the feedback of others. On Tuesday pay attention to your intuition as well as your dreams.

Cancer (Jun21-Jul21):  Generally, this is a sensitive time for you with Mars transiting Cancer.  Tuesday is a great day to take care of the practical and to do something special for you.  Communicate with a loved one on Thursday this will help you to feel more supported.  Your intuition runs high especially on Saturday and Sunday; you will be feeling extra sensitive.  Take charge of a situation you are no longer willing to put up with.

Leo (Jul22-Aug22):  You will need to be careful with your communication with others on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Think things through and get promises in writing.  Mercury and Neptune play a large role this entire week and again on Monday and Tuesday.  You need to stick to your principles don't be swayed by others.  

Virgo (Aug23-Sep22):  You are feeling better, this week.  There will be less aggravation and more peace.  Take some time for you; indulge in something you want to do, especially on over the next two days.  Don't get drawn into somebody else's problems on Thursday.  You will have lots of energy on the weekend to make things happen.

Libra (Sep23-Oct22):  Spend this week thinking about what you really want to do!  From Tuesday to Friday your course should be smooth.  Since the Moon and Mars are fueling your need for change, you will really feel the desire to take action on what you have been contemplating on Saturday and Sunday, be sure to communicate what you need to others!

Scorpio (Oct23-Nov21):  You are in an emotional reward cycle over the next two days.  Let go of outcomes and trust that things will work out.  You will still need to make your needs known to others who are not as perceptive as you.  Saturday and Sunday promise to be exciting, be active and have fun. Don't overreact on Monday.  

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21):  You are feeling the need to play rather than work over the next two days; do it.  You will be more motivated by the Moon and Mercury to get the job done and express yourself on Thursday.  Allow your creativity and exuberance to surface on Monday and Tuesday, you will be amazed at your insight!

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan19):  You are feeling the pressure to accomplish from all sides this week with Mars and Pluto aspecting your Sun.  Hold your ground and prod along, things look good on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Allow time to process what you need to do and delegate what you can over the next two days.  This weekend can be demanding with family and loved ones needing your every minute; try to find some time for yourself!  

Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18):  These next two days are asking you to be practical.  Consider what you want, are you really doing concrete things to make your goals a reality?  You will find your self getting closer to what you want with some focus, talk to others especially on Thursday.  After the weekend you will enter into a reward cycle so trust your hunches.

Pisces (Feb19-Mar19):   This week starts off slow and peaceful by Thursday and Friday you will need to be engaged, make short trips and have discussions, respond to situations rather than avoid them.  Jupiter is playing a harmonious role and you will find yourself contemplating the need to connect with family or close friends this weekend; enjoy getting outdoors.  Stay in the background Monday and Tuesday and let others take the lead.



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