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Monday January 1, 2007 Edition
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Top Stories for Monday January 1, 2007

Reaping The Harvest In 2007
By Kathleen Johnson
   Many world-wide cultures refer to seven year cycles of growth and here we are in the seventh year after the Millennium. The Bible refers to the seventh year of harvest and rewards whether it was the overflowing of the Nile or gifts from heaven, and my mother always referred to a bumper crop year in which the hay was thicker, the ears of corn plumper and crop growth was plentiful. Thus, we can expect to see the results of the planning that take place in the earlier years of the Millennium and were put into motion last year to appear, for better or for worse. Our karma comes home to roost and with the Jupiterian luck that dominates the year, it should be good.
   The year that is knocking on the door with its arms full of Jupiterian prosperity should be welcomed with open arms, for there is a sense of power and excitement that has been missing in the last few. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and adventure is in its own sign as the year begins and it's still there when it ends. Since this only happened six times in the twentieth century, it bears with it the promise that is always there when Jupiter comes around, and that is the promise of good times coming if we are just willing to let go of the branch we are clinging to and stretch ourselves to the next step. Now I know that many of us already feel stretched beyond the point of return, but Jupiter doesn't make promises that it can't keep.
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Otter Creek Basin Student History Club Members Keep History Alive All Year

    As the calendar turns yet another page and we again being discussing New Year's resolutions, the members of the OCBSHC have a busy year to look back on and firmly resolve to keep involved with history all year long.    In June, Erin Connor and Jake Steponaitis traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the national level of the God, Flag & Country Speech Competition sponsored by the Fraternal Order of the Eagles. Erin walked away with a national championship in the age 10-11 division and Jake finished second in the 12-13 year age division. Each of the pair spoke not only to the judges but also to a crowd of over 6,000 Eagles club members attending the national convention. Pictured below with their trophies and awards, the two are already working on the speech for this year's competition. They encourage any interested teen from ages 10-15 to contact their local Eagles Club or to contact the history club at VUHS at (802) 877-2938 ext. 239.  [ more ]

Carleton’s Raid on the Champlain Valley
By Jessica Sturtevant
    During the Revolution the British in Canada wanted to gain control of the upper colonies as well as Lake Champlain, a crucial waterway. So they sent men down to raid the settlements in the New Hampshire Grants and New York. In 1778, the Governor General of Canada, sent raid lead Major Christopher Carleton down Lake Champlain to the Otter Creek Valley.
    Carleton’s expedition consisted of 354 British troops, Tory supporters, and hired Germans, with about 100 Native Americans. They sailed with two large boats, the Maria and the Carleton (named after Christopher’s uncle, Guy Carleton) along with two gunboats and various longboats and canoes. The purpose of their raid was to destroy buildings and supplies, which the rebel army could use. They also wanted to take the men prisoners so they wouldn’t fight on the American side of the conflict.
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